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Low height (1.2m) precast concrete walls, concrete palisade and ranch rails are used mainly for demarcation purposes.

It is used in areas where access is restricted (next to a driveway, around a pool or a pond, etc.

Our fences are modular making it easy to install and adaptable for many applications.


Cost effective - quick to install.

No maintenance required; painting is optional.

Ranch Rails
Ranch Rails
Low Concrete Palisade
Low Concrete Palisade
Demarcation Fence Heights
East Rand Walling® (Pty) Ltd (ERW) produces unmatched quality products.

Our teams of erectors take pride in their workmanship.

You get quality walling professionally installed.
Only the best raw materials are used in the fabrication of precast concrete walling.

Our "off the shelve" concrete compressive strength varies between 20 and 24 MPa.

We produce material of 25, 30 and 35 MPa when specified.

1.2m Ranch Rail Fence

Posts - 1700 x 150 x 180 weight 93 kg.
Crossbar - 2000 x 145 x 70 weight 51 kg. (2 crossbars per section)
Sections are 2.0 meter between anchor posts.

1.2m Concrete Palisade Fence

Posts - 1800 x 230 x 150 tapered to 80. Weight 178 kg.
Crossbar - 1990 x 150 x 75. Weight 49 kg. (2 crossbars per section)
Pales - 1200 x 80 x 110 tapered to 80. Weight 15 kg. (9 pales per 2m section).
Sections are 2.0 meter between anchor posts.
1.2 Meter High Ranch Rails
1.2 Meter High Concrete Palisade

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