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Heavy Duty Precast Concrete Walling

The Industry Leader
When Security Is A Priority

Heavy Duty Precast Concrete Walling is endorsed by property developers and project managers.

The installed cost of a prefab wall is still very favourable compared to alternative fencing options.

Heavy Duty Wall Panel
Heavy Duty Walling Pannel
Industrial Strength
Precast Concrete Heavy Duty Walling Heights
2.7 to 3.0 Meter
Heavy Duty Walling Installation
Heavy Duty Wall Posts
Heavy Duty Precast Concrete Walling is preferred for higher risk sites.

It's found around industrial sites, petro-chemical plants, factories.

It's installed next to roads, railway lines etc.
Heavy duty precast walling is available in 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, and 3.0 meter heights.

Mounting brackets for razor wire and/ or electric fencing can be fixed.
Since our teams of erectors take pride in their installations, you get a quality product professionally installed.
Only the best raw materials are used in the fabrication of precast concrete walling.

Our "off the shelve" concrete product strength varies between 20 and 24 MPa.

We manufacture 25, 30 and 35 MPa material when specified.
Heavy Duty Precast Concrete Walling Main Anchor Posts are available in the following lengths:

2.1m fence - 2700 x 150 x 220
2.4m fence - 3000 x 150 x 220
2.7m fence - 3300 x 150 x 220
3.0m fence - 3600 x 150 x 220
Precast Concrete Walling Panels are 1225mm wide x 300mm high.
Distance of 1300mm between posts.

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