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Precast Concrete Walling Spec Sheet


Precast Walling Spec Sheet


This brief overview should guide you to make the right choices.

It is advisable to contact us and speak to one of our project planners during your planning phase.

Sections are 1.5 meter between main posts. Cut-in shorter sections are easily done.
Adaptable to suit almost any site requirements.

Minimise disruption.

The modular design makes for quick installations.
One team installs 100m of walling per day.

Financial Advantages.

Many more meters for your rand.
Accumulated savings on maintenance over the lifetime of the wall.
Precast walling has a very long life expectancy.


You'll most likely to find precast walling here:

Factories and offices
Farms and small holdings
Alongside roads and railway lines
Water care works and pump stations
Hospitals and clinics
Community centres
Sports facilities
Schools, colleges and universities
Residential complexes and homes
And many more . . .

Precast Concrete Walling is stillpreferred by countless property developers.
Precast Concrete Walling Heights

1.2m (4 foot) high -  This is a low fence, used as a demarcation barrier.
1.5m (5 foot) high - This is a low fence and could be used at the front of properties.
1.8m (6 foot) high - This is a popular height.
2.1m (7 foot) high - Also a very popular height.
2.4m (8 foot) high - A more secure option.
3.0m (10 foot) high - We are one of only a few walling companies with strong enough posts to support this height.

(Panel sections are 1.5m wide)

*(Please consult with your local authority for fence height regulations if in doubt).

Precast Concrete Walling Installation

Our teams of erectors take pride in their installations.

Each post is embedded in a concrete foundation of at least 460x460x500 mm.
Minimum concrete strength of 15 to 20 MPa; stronger mixes where specified.
The structure is grouted with a sand / cement mix after installation.

Concrete Strength

Only the best raw materials are used in the fabrication of concrete precast walling.

Our "off the shelve" strength for all our products are between 20 and 24 MPa.
All reinforcing steel wires are free of rust, loose scale, flux, grease or oil substances.

Concrete Walling Posts

Precast Concrete Walling Main Anchor Posts are available in the following lengths:

1800 for 1.2m fence - 1800 x 125 x 145; weight 66 kg.
2100 for 1.5m fence - 2100 x 125 x 145; weight 70 kg.
2400 for 1.8m fence - 2400 x 125 x 145; weight 89 kg.
2700 for 2.1m fence - 2700 x 125 x 145; weight 91 kg.
3000 for 2.4m fence - 3000 x 125 x 145; weight 101 kg.
3600 for 3.0m fence - 3600 x 150 x 220; weight 230 kg.
Wall extensions post - 600 x 125 x 145 weight 18 kg.

Posts are planted 1500mm c/c.
The posts are not pre-stressed.
The top of the posts are flat.

Concrete Walling Panels

Panels are 300mm (1ft) high.

Width: 1440mm  measuring 1500mm between posts (c/c).
(Panels of 1220mm and 2000mm are available in only a few selected designs).
The panels have no load bearing capabilities and should never be used as a retaining wall.
Precast Concrete Panels are moulded and machine vibrated before curing giving it a smooth finish.
The open side is smoothed manually with a wooden float.
Panels are maintenance free; painting is optional.

Precast Concrete Walling Panels are available in a Columbo (Face brick) and decorative finishes.

* The specs supplied are the minimum standards used by East Rand Walling® (Pty) Ltd in the manufacturing process.

Thank you for browsing our website; we value your time.

Our experienced project planners will assist you.

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