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Product Range Overview

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Concrete Palisade Fencing

East Rand Walling® (Pty) Ltd.’s wide range of precast concrete walling designs and finishes.  

Our product range is widely used by property owners, private developers, entrepreneurs, construction companies, municipalities, parastatals and government departments.

We have some beautiful concrete wall design ideas for you - ranging from plain to brick to decorative.

Concrete Palisade
Plain Precast Concrete Palisade

Precast Concrete Walling

You can find precast walling just about anywhere, but at East Rand Walling® (Pty) Ltd (ERW®), you'll find more choices and the best quality products.

3 Louvre Precast
3 Louvre Precast Concrete Wall
Plain Precast
Plain Precast Concrete Wall
2 Louvre Precast
2 Louvre Precast Concrete Wall
Columbo with Palisade
Columbo Precast Concrete Wall with Steel Palisade Inserts
Columbo Precast
Columbo Precast Concrete Wall
Decorative Designs
Decorative Precast Concrete Wall Design

Heavy Duty Walling

Endorsed by property developers for industrial- and high risk sites.

Heavy Duty Precast Concrete Walling

Demarcation Fencing

Sturdy low fences suitable to demarcate areas.
Low Concrete Palisade
Low Precast Concrete Palisade Fence
Ranch Rails
Precast Concrete Ranch Rail

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